Intelligent Evolution Method

Evolve your business processes

Integrate generative AI into your processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity while minimizing disruption.

Intelligent Evolution Method

The ability to accomplish complex processes emerges from the combination of simple tasks.


Replace tedious, time consuming grunt work with simple automation. Build more complex automation on top of the simple. Build even more complex on top of the complex...

Automate Simple Tedious Processes

Begin with easy wins. These are typically mundane employee-centric procedures. Capture automation's power and its limits, replace mundane tasks with efficient systems, and construct a robust automation base that outputs human-friendly, machine-ready results.

With Simple Automation in place, Complex Processes become Simple 

When simple tasks are completed by automation the result is consistent machine-ready output. There is a layer of processes which depend on the output of these simple tasks. Now that these simple tasks generate machine-ready output, more complex processes become much easier to automate. Automation of simple tasks make automation of complex processes simple.

Higher quality, faster turn-around time

As more and more processes become automated your task outputs are produced with a known quality on a consistent schedule. Process turn-around times go from weeks to hours to minutes. Your quality is high. Your schedule is always maintained ... the cost of process experimentation becomes trivial.

How does Generative AI fit in?

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The Basics

While most automation could be done with custom code or nocode solutions, they require well defined, concrete inlets and outlets.

On the inlet side this meant the automation never started if the data went started in the wrong place. For example, someone using your Contact Us form for support meant that a Support ticket went to Sales. The Sales automation process then took over and the automation flow broke. Then a person manually forwards the item to Support where another person forces the information into the Support automation flow.

With Generative AI, you have a tool that can figure this out for you and push that Contact Us form to Support. Sales never sees the form info and, because Generative AI reformatted the data, it went smoothly into the Support automation.

On the outlet side you often have machine-ready output that has to be reformatted into a human-readable form. Small errors in the output, that are no problem for a person, completely break the hard-coded automation. Now Generative AI can fix those little errors and improve the robustness of your process.