Generative AI is Revolutionizing Industries. Is Your Business Ready to Evolve? 

What You’ll Get During This Workflow Automation and Generative AI Free Strategy Call

  1. Personalized Evaluation: We'll assess your current workflows, systems, and processes to identify areas that could benefit from automation and AI.
  2. Strategic Insights: We'll share how generative AI can help your business become more efficient, innovative, and competitive.
  3. No Obligation: This call is entirely free, allowing you to assess whether our services align with your business needs without any commitment.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

  • Reflect on Your Business Operations: Before our strategy call, take some time to think about your current operations, processes, and the technology platforms you are using. This will be vital to a constructive conversation.
  • List Your Challenges: Consider and make a note of the specific challenges and pain points your business is facing in regards to process and workflow management.
  • Prepare for Change: Recognize that harnessing the power of generative AI and workflow automation could involve changes in your current setup. Be prepared for a conversation on how transformation can lead to greater efficiencies and business success.

What Happens During the Call

  • Business Deep-Dive: You'll provide us with an overview of your business, explaining your fundamental operations, processes, and the technologies you currently employ (5 mins).
  • Problem Identification: We'll delve into your business' specific pain points and challenges in workflow and process management (10 mins).
  • Solution Proposition: We'll give you a snapshot of our expertise in custom coding, no-code tools, and generative AI, and discuss how these can address your challenges and transform your existing solutions (5 mins).
  • Future Planning: Together, we'll explore potential next steps (5 mins).

What Changes After the Call

  • Enlightened Perspective: With a comprehensive understanding of workflow automation and generative AI and their potential impact on your business, you'll view your operational challenges from a fresh perspective.
  • Tailored Improvement Plan: Based on our discussion and the identified areas for improvement, you'll receive a customized plan to integrate AI and automation into your business operations.
  • Future Growth: The proposed next steps will offer you a clear pathway to improve your business operations, boost efficiency, and promote growth.

About Us

Gabe Spradlin

Gabe is an experienced professional with over 25 years spanning spacecraft, defense, software, and internet marketing. He holds a Masters degree in Machine Learning and has built simulations (synthetic data), targeting algorithms, and predictive & generative AI solutions. His expertise includes several programming languages, SEO/SEM, web and cloud hosting.

Kenyon Stewart

Kenyon has over 25 years in software development, architecting complex applications in multiple sectors including transportation, energy, retail, and finance. Since 2012, he's been at the forefront of applying custom Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning solutions to complex business problems. He has expertise in several programming languages as well as enterprise architectures and cloud computing.

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